Android Apple Music – The Spotify Competitor For Android

Android Apple Music – The Spotify Competitor For Android

Android Apple Music is the Only App in iTunes for Android Users

Android Apple Music is a music streaming service that lets you listen to songs on iTunes. If you are familiar with Apple services, then you should know what Apple Music is. To some extent, it can be said that Apple Music is very similar to Spotify service. In the Android Apple Music, you can also access the latest music of the world’s singers by purchasing one of service offerings here. Also, Apple has made it possible for Android users to access songs from many singers right from this platform. Of course, it is possible to use the program for free for a period of several months in this software, and if this is the first time you want to use this software, you can try it for a short period of time.

Additionally, the good thing is that this app can smoothly run on Apple and Android smartphones. With this music app, you can easily access your favorite songs, albums and artists and enjoy listening to your favorite music. Moreover, there are unlimited access to your entire playlists and music library. All of these features are ad-free and will work on any android mobile phone with the right android version on it.


Creating Account & Plans to Increase Community Interactions

Creating Account & Plans to Comment Your Opinion About Your Favorite Songs

To start, you can create an account with any user name you want as long as it is still available. you an do so in the connect section of this program. Another good thing is that this app lets you voice your opinion about the artists. This engages others to comment on your opinion about your favorite songs, increasing community socializing. To create an account, you only need a single profile picture and a username. If you no longer are interested, then you can easily deactivate and delete this account. When you first install the Android Apple Music, you will see different styles of music right on the first page of this app. There are various plans as well which you can select to suit your needs and budget. There is a 3 months free option allowing you to explore this application further when you sign up.


Music Genre & Playlists of Your Choice

Android Apple Music Offers Different Music Genre & Albums to Your Liking

Additionally, on the music page, you can decide what style of music you enjoy and what you are interested in. Then, Android Apple Music will store all your chosen music and will display your favorite songs. This process is performed using an artificial intelligence engine. This app, will then easily show all the songs to your liking. In addition, you will be able to easily create your favorite albums with the album add option. Hence, you can add your favorite songs or singers to the created multiple albums.


Features of This Application

Some features of Apple Music app are mentioned below:

  • Playing millions songs without displaying ads.
  • Playing any song you want via Chromecast.
  • Allowing you to download your favorite song and play it offline.
  • Ability to view interviews and live shows of performers and music artists.
  • Seek your favorite song by solely keying in a portion of the song.
  • Editing playlists of your selected songs.
  • Displaying suggested songs to suit your taste.
  • Narrow down the type of music you want by the genre or the singer
  • Easily access playlists in sequence (shuffle & repeat)


Older Versions of Android Apple Music:


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