Idle Heroes 1.18.0

File Size: 99.1 MB - Version: 1.18.0
Idle Heroes 1.18.0
Idle Heroes 1.18.0

Idle Heroes modern day APK 1.18.0 (366) offers the fantastic exhilaration with a lot of development as you gather you heroes to beat the campaign levels. This game gives gamers ideal cell sport you choose all the time. Idle heroes recreation is lots endorsed for busy human beings who don’t have a whole lot time for gaming but like gaming. With ranking 4.7, which is almost excellent, this sport is one of RPG games with the best rating in Android. The developer is very responsive, updating this sport almost every week. Once in a month, players can play with new heroes. With tight competition, it becomes a challenging and exciting game in which you may also locate new event each day.

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