GB Whatsapp Download – The Best Substitute for Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp Download – The Best Substitute for Whatsapp

How to Get GB Whatsapp Download to the Latest Version

By having GB Whatsapp Download on your phone you have access to the unofficial version of WhatsApp Messenger for Android operating system. This application is not much different from the original version of WhatsApp in terms of security. Also, you can easily install it next to the original version of the software, because there is no interference in software performance. The original will not create issues while using this app as well. With the help of this app, you can create two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone. If your Android phone is dual SIM, you can log in to WhatsApp separately with both numbers using this software and register and create an account.


Functionality Including New Features

GB Whatsapp Download - Functionality is Suitable for People Who Have Multiple Numbers

The function of the software is that after installing this software, you can easily experience some new features, which include sending images without restrictions, sending videos without volume restrictions, and so on. With the help of this useful application, you will be able to become a member of WhatsApp with a new number. GBWhatsApp is suitable for people who have multiple numbers and want to manage multiple user accounts on their mobile phone at the same time.

The ability to send high-volume videos, as well as the ability to send more than 90 photos simultaneously and having the ability to group statistics are WhatsApp GB features. In this communication application, it is possible to disable voice / video calling from anyone you want, or for everyone. Ability to display messages sent by anyone in the group separately is also provided.


Security and Hidden Features

The Security Feature Can Hide Your Last Visit From Others - GB Whatsapp Download

One of the cool features of this WhatsApp version that is not available in the original version is that you can hide your last visit from others. Many people are not interested in their last visit knowing that this feature is included in this version. You can also read other people’s content without them noticing


Some of the main features of our GB Whatsapp Downloadable software are as follow:

  • Ability to hide the seen tick and the last visit
  • Ability to copy texts from different parts
  • User interface similar to the original version of the software
  • Ability to view the video without downloading it
  • Remove restrictions on sending photos and videos
  • Advanced options for user privacy
  • Ability to change software icons and notifications
  • Ability to send 90 images simultaneously

To download the latest version of gbwhatsapp, check out the gb whatsapp download page. The new versions are available as soon as the publisher provides them.


Older Versions of GB Whatsapp Downloadable:


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