Dislyte 3.0.2

File Size: 196 MB - Version: 3.0.2
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
Dislyte 3.0.2

Dislyte 3.0.2Dislyte Apk is a game from LilithGames company. The game is a combination of two modern and mythological styles in which players fight against evil in five-member teams called Espers, whose powers are based on the powers of mythological gods of cultures around the world. The creators of this work have well depicted Greek, Chinese, Scandinavian and Egyptian gods and have given each of them a diverse set of skills derived from the mythology of different countries and cultures.

The urban environment of the game, with a future-oriented state and enriched with details around it. With the combination of a special music style, it provides the necessary space for very exciting battles. Also, this game has designed an environment for PVP style lovers where players randomly face each other and compete. Furthermore, the creators of this work have also provided the ability to fight automatically so that players can engage in other activities during the fight sequences.



– Added Divine Sequencer (unlocks for Squad Lvl 40+ players).
– Charity Show (unlocks for Squad Lvl 20+ players).
– Ahmed (Geb) Chance Up
– Added the Bounty Mission Review feature. Tap Atlas – Story Review – Sidestories on the left screen to enter.
– Added Quick Jump feature in Esper deployment screen.
– Added a report feature in the Esper Comments screen.


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