Adobe Lightroom Apk

Adobe Lightroom Apk for Photo Editing


Adobe Lightroom Apk for Photo Editing on Android Devices


Adobe Lightroom apk for Android has a simple and convenient user interface. Everything is available and the various photo editing tools are very easy to use.



Editing Mode


Perhaps the most important part in the Adobe Lightroom apk review is the Edit mode. Now we can edit and adjust our photos. When you enter edit mode, notice the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Here all the different editing sliders are grouped by topic. Adobe has named this section as Adjustment Groups. Tap one of the groups to open it and edit its settings. A drawer will then appear containing all the adjustment sliders. You need to Swipe up to see all available sliders for that group.



Uploading Photos Speed


Adobe Lightroom software offers high upload speeds that allow users to transfer large volumes of photos simultaneously. If you want to sift through hundreds or even thousands of images, you can use the app to group them into collections.



Photo Editing Features


In Adobe Lightroom apk, you can black and white your photos and change exposure, temperature, contrast and white balance settings. Lightroom Mobile offers the same photo color correction that Lightroom offers. You can also use the Lightroom app to apply different effects to your photos or correct certain details, such as sharpening photos or adding photos.



Features for Enhancing Portraits


If you want to retouch a photo, you must use the Premium functions of Adobe Lightroom software. To get them, you need to go to the Adobe website and pay for the subscription. You can use the Healing Brush tool to remove extra objects from a photo, regardless of their size, or modify them by copying textures from a specific area. The selective editing function helps to edit the image or a specific part with incredible precision just by moving your finger on the phone screen. You can use the geometry function and the Auto Upright tool to fix photos with distorted geometry.


Managing Multiple Photos


Adobe Lightroom apk allows users to organize photos not only with image filters, but also with albums. You can create an album by pressing the “+” button to simplify the process of finding the necessary images when you do not have access to a computer. If you want to organize your albums more easily, you can sort them by date, title, number of photos, and local storage.



Ability to edit RAW Formats


Perhaps the most important distinguishing feature that should be mentioned in the Adobe Lightroom software review is the ability to edit Raw files. Lightroom Mobile lets you to edit Raw photos which is one of its main advantages of this app over other famous ones. So, you can take photos in RAW quality and edit them directly in the app. In addition, images can be imported/exported and shared with other users.



Accessing Photo Information


Once you’ve selected a photo in Adobe Lightroom in an album, you can switch from the Edit to Info menu to view data about the photo: title, copyright, applied filters, image format, import date, camera, info EXIF and keywords.



Sensei Ai Implementation


One of new features of this app is the Sensei AI image search function. It allows users to search photos by various parameters such as keywords, camera type, rating, lens, location, orientation, flash, aperture, social media, etc. All the keywords you type in the search bar are also synced with the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom apk.



Photography using Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom’s camera allows you to take high-quality images. It works in two automatic and professional modes. Both allow you to control the flash, front camera and auto exposure settings. Pro mode lets you control focus, exposure, and white balance.

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