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Social Media App of Facebook Apk Dl - Download Latest Facebook Application for Android


Facebook apk is a powerful social media application that allows you to find old and new friends and relatives and add them to your friends list. With this Android app, you will always be able to talk with them and share many things such as your favorite content, photos, videos, links, etc. with them.


Also, you can also comment on the content and photos of your friends and agree with them if you wish. On Facebook, it is possible for you to chat with and read even the most famous and popular people you know.



Features of the Facebook Apk


This application has grown in popularity and as a result the company has decided to add several usable features to its mobile app. These features are introduced below.



Adding Friends and Relatives

There is no value in using Facebook without adding friends. For this purpose, expand your Facebook friends list by searching for names, emails, adding contacts and even sending invitations to people who have not yet joined Facebook.



Uploading Images to Posts and User Profile


Facebook apk has made it possible to upload images to your posts to show to friends, family. It is possible to upload the image individually or as a group (album). Before uploading images, make sure they are following the Facebook guidelines.



Creating an Event


Facebook lets you create events and invite people to them. To create an event, you can send appointment, time, place and make post to specific people and invite them. This feature has benefited many business individuals and family members to come together.



Adjusting Privacy Settings


There are many security reasons that users want to have a higher control on their content. The amount of data that malicious individuals want from users of this application is insane. Therefore, it is better, after creating a Facebook account, be sure to apply the privacy settings carefully, to limit the viewers of your Facebook posts.



Multitude of Widgets


The Facebook widget is very simple and practical, using this tool you can browse the latest statuses of your friends without the need to run the main and relatively heavy Facebook application. You can also use the widget feature to update your status or even like or share any content.



Sound and Notifications Settings

Facebook notifications can easily inform you about the status of your friends, although sometimes they can be annoying as the number of friends increases. You can easily turn certain types of notifications on or off, that is, allow a certain number of notifications to be displayed and alert, and keep the rest off.



Sharing Contents to/from Other Apps


Sharing contents between programs and applications is one of the strengths of Android, and the Facebook apk uses this feature well, for this user, click the share button wherever you see a photo or article, whether on web pages or in other applications. Then, you can easily share photos and content on other apps. This is a simple and fast way to share content on the timeline without the need to run the focused program.



Video Settings for Data Use


By default, Facebook will start playing any video as soon as it is shown to you. This feature, in addition to its advantages, may slow down the speed of the Internet and browsing the timeline. In addition, you may not really need to play all the videos. The Facebook application simply allows you to enable or disable this feature, or to limit auto-play to Wi-Fi internet, for this, set Video Auto-play in the settings section.



Having a List of Favorite Friends


In the Facebook apk, to access the list of friends, you can click on friends icon in the upper right corner of the application. If you want to separate friends as your favorite friends and see them at the beginning of the friends list, click on the edit button and put the desired friends at the beginning of the list.

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