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Introduction to Facebook Messenger Apk


Introduction to Facebook Messenger Apk - A Social Communication App Known As Facebook Messenger Apk Dl


Facebook Messenger apk is a messaging and chat application from Facebook for mobile phones that provides voice and text communication. This messenger allows the user to chat with their friends on Facebook or via their contact list.



Main Feature of Facebook Messenger


Facebook messenger application has many hidden features that you should know about to become a professional user. some of there to help you navigate through your messages easily or even hide messages and send automated ones to selected users. Here are some of these interesting and practical Facebook Messenger tricks available in this chatting app.



Creating Your Own Chatbot


Sometimes Facebook Messenger apk has many secrets that you may not have noticed until now; If you search in the latest version of the Facebook messaging application, you will come across a new category called “Bots and Businesses”, and Facebook has officially launched a chatbot development platform and a Bot Store to compete with this competition.


Many of the automatized communications are tied to chat bots, and in simple terms, chat bots are software that we chat with to do something for us or to entertain ourselves with them; For example, a chatbot from a well-known airline tells you on the Facebook Messenger apk platform that your flight has been delayed, and in fact, in a way, it can be claimed that chatbots carry out the task of transmitting information to us.


Now, if you also want to create a chatbot for your page, all you have to do is go to the page settings and then the Messaging section, select the Response Assistant option, and then click on the option to send instant replies (Send Instant Replies to any person who (sends a message to your page) click; Also, in this section, it is possible to set the settings for sending messages.



Play Games with Friends


Messenger is not just a tool for messaging. You can even play games with them. Of course, don’t expect games with high graphics and gameplay. But these games are interesting and you will enjoy playing them. Some of these games are activated easily with the help of an emoji.


Also, with the latest version of Facebook Messenger apk, you will be able to invite your friends to fight directly from the game menu. Click on the “More” option in the lower right corner, then click on the “Game” option and select the game you want. Your opponent will be able to see your score and can choose whether they want to play with you or not.



Sharing a Song or an Audio File


Sometimes words are not enough to convey your feelings, so send your audience a song or an audio file. To do this, when you are in a chat, select the button from the right side of the menu, install the Spotify application and log in using Facebook. Then touch the same button again and select the Spotify option. Find the song you want, touch it and hit Send.



A Hidden Message Box


Many times it happened that Facebook directs messages into a folder away from the user’s eyes. In fact, it can be said that this hidden message box on Facebook plays the role of spam folder in email services, sometimes messages from friends or pages that you have liked may be directed to this folder.


Some of the extra features of this Facebook Messenger apk are as follows:

  • Quick display of messages
  • Send and receive messages quickly using data
  • Receive your messages without opening Facebook
  • Chatting with groups and group planning
  • The addition of new stickers and emoticons
  • Send photos privately and protected
  • Share your location
  • Make free calls, even to your friends in other countries.
  • Show your online friends on Facebook
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