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Managing Contacts with google Contacts Apk


Managing Contacts with google Contacts Apk - Accessing Your Contacts on a Single Google Account


Google Contacts Apk is a phone book that can manage your information in a professional way. You can use this android application to store contact information such as address, name, photo, job, email. and much more.


This utility software allows the user to save the information they need regarding the people they interact with. While using this app, you don’t have to worry about deleting the information because it prevents such information from being deleted permanently by mistake. It can also identify the contacts and if they are duplicated, this app can delete them for the user.



Working with Google contacts

You can use Google Contacts apk features and utility both through the website and the android application. You can log in to this software with your Google account and use your Gmail so that you sync all contacts in one place.



Features of Google Contact


All the applications made by Google are related to each other like a chain, for this reason they can provide a thorough user experience to the user. For instance, if you install the Google Contact software on your system and add your contacts to it, you can Send your desired contact through that email.


You have the ability to manage contacts or their contact numbers and edit them if they are duplicates. Also, you can define a group list of contacts with whom you are most connected and send a general message to all of them so that you can save your time.


Some of the more general features of Google Contacts apk is as follows;


  • Allowing users to easily and comfortably add the contacts they need and also change or edit their email number information.
  • Letting users to access the stored information on any other platform once you have saved it for your Google account.
  • Having the ability to delete duplicate contacts or automatically add a similar contact to the previous one.
  • The feature to send a contact message or voice mails when instructed to by the user in difficult situations


It has happened to almost all users that the number has been deleted in the mobile phone contacts and the user has not been able to return that number. One of its advantages of Google Contacts apk is allowing users to use existing features to retrieve the missing contact available still in google cloud. A user who wants to return a personal number must do get it from the Google Contact website, because the contact number still exists on the web.



Transferring Contacts


One of the concerns of users who have Android mobile phones is that they cannot transfer their phone contacts to their personal laptops and use them on their desktop programs. A method that can be useful for the user is Google Contact, which It can give the user the ability to transfer their contacts to it and then transfer the information to their computer through Google Drive.


Another way to do this is to log in to your Gmail account through this software and add your information to it. After pressing the export button, your information will be saved and you can access it through Gmail on your desktop.



Adding Extra Information


The Google Contacts apk has been expanding to allow users to include more information on the contacts they keep. In fact, the personal and business phone numbers are just a small part of the information you can keep. You can add emails, images, events, emergency numbers and lots more to a single user. Sometimes you can cross check your events in the Google Calendar application to see where you have met this contact before.

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