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Understanding Google Play Services Apk

Understanding Google Play Services Apk - An Utility App From google Corporation


For anyone who has been dealing with the Android operating system for a long time, you’ve probably seen Google Play Services Apk. But what exactly is this utility from Google, what is it used for and why is it necessary on Android phones?



What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Service cannot be described as a normal mobile software in the sense that most people know about it. When you try to open the Google Play Services app, nothing visible happens. The interesting thing is that this app is installed by default on all Android devices and runs in the background. In addition, this application receives updates on regular basis and most of the permissions it requests are effective and necessary.


The reason for the need for so many licenses is that Google Play services act like a main center or hub for connecting different applications to the secure services provided by Google.



The Need for Google Play Services

As an utility application, Google Play Services is a set of APIs (elements that help developers and enable simple communication between different apps) that help make apps less dependent on specific Android updates to run.


These APIs include Google Maps API for different programs to access Google Maps without leaving the application, Location API to perform automatic functions when entering or leaving a certain geographical area, Google Drive API to share and save files of different programs in Google Drive. Other services such as Google Wallet, Google Play Protect, and Google Play Game Services, as other subsets of Google Play Services, improve various aspects of the user experience while using Android applications.



The Role of Google Service in Android

Google Play Services Apk allows the smartphone to benefit from the update of various applications without the need to upgrade to the latest version of Android. Of course, this feature does not apply to all applications, and it mostly applies to Google’s main applications such as Gmail and Google Play Store. In addition to these, other applications that use Google services, and their number is not small, benefit from this feature.



Battery Consumption Efficiency

Google Play Service usually consumes a small amount of battery in the range of a few percent, but sometimes, users experience that this app consumes a large portion of battery, especially after Android OS updates. One of the common reasons for this is the incompatibility between the version of Android and the version of Google Play Services. Hence, users need to update this utility app after major updates.



Updating Google Play Services Application

The easiest way to update Google Play Services is to use the Google Play Store. For this, activate your IP change software and after opening the Google Play Store, update the Play Services application without any problems. If you may not be able to update this app using the Google Play Store, then, in this case, the second solution is to get it from Google Play Services Apk here.



Disabling Running Google Services

Since a large number of applications and services related to Android phones rely on Google Play Services, this software is enabled by default. However, there is always the possibility of disabling Google Play services.


To activate the Google Play service, just repeat the steps to disable it and instead of clicking on the Force Stop option, click on the Open option.


Every Android user needs to know about this amazing utility appĀ  because this application or API is very useful for the correct and fast functioning of an Android device. Although this app has no user interface, it is quite clear that Google Play Services can improve the user experience of using Android. Additionally, Google Play Services Apk accelerates functions such as offline search and can provide map and location access to various apps.

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