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Making Short Videos with Likee Apk - The Short Video Community for Android Users


The Likee apk by BIGO Technology is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems and aims to provide facilities for creating and sharing short videos.


You can upload your videos to the servers using the available features and add various items, including filters, stickers and desired music. Moreover, you can share the video on your page and gradually get many followers.


Among other key features of the program, we can mention a unique algorithm, through which you can find the desired videos as quickly as possible and very easily. In addition, the creators have promised that you can get to know millions of celebrities and artists. Most importantly, it is possible to find friends who have the Likee application on their mobile phones and, ironically, are close from where you live.



Making Videos


On the program’s main page, by clicking on the camera symbol at the bottom of the screen, you enter the steps of making clips and videos. There are many facilities available to you, which we will examine some of them. You can slow down or increase the video recording speed in Likee to make the videos more creative.


Face Filters


The Likee apk for Android has many unique filters. For example, you can make your face thinner in the slimming filter. Or you can make your eyes bigger by using the eyes+ filter. Similarly, likee has other filters to change the nose, jaw, teeth whiteness, lips, etc. that you can benefit from all of them.


Makeup Features


You can apply your makeup similar to a professional makeup artist in the makeup section. Also, this popular application has ready-made filters for skin color. If you plan to film your cooking, using likee is a good option. This program provides you with very beautiful filters for better filming of food cooking.


Social Network Feature


Although Likee apk has a function quite similar to a social network, it is placed in the photo and video editing programs category. If you are interested in making creative and attractive clips, using it can help you a lot. Record your videos and share them on Likee and other social networks and messengers. Also, in this software, you can have fun for a long time and enjoy watching videos and clips of other users.


Mian Features of Likee Application


In this section, you get to know the features and capabilities of the Likee program.


Home Page


Likee’s new homepage offers more than just trending videos. In the unique home page style, videos are categorized for ease of viewing by users. There are three different sections: Follow, Popular and Nearby. The Follow section shows videos from people you follow on the Likee app.


The popular section is for popular movies in Likee apk. The Nearby section also displays videos of people near your location who may be unknown to you. This significant change will help you discover exciting videos from creators near you. This section also shows the user’s distance from your location. Also, it has the option to filter videos based on gender.



Video Editing


Likee apk has an advanced magical video maker that offers unique custom clips, dubsmash, sync, duet, popular special effects and thousands of stickers and music. This program is great for making engaging videos.





You can easily choose the most interesting content to share on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. With its exciting editing tools, including more than 300 emoji and face filters such as AI beauty filters, stylish stickers, 4D magic music filters and more, users can create fun videos with instant effects that you’ve never seen before.



Video Filters and Effects


Likee apk keeps the old video filters and effects but adds a lot of new filters, including Modern, Babypink filter, Original filter, Elegance filter and Beauty filter. Beauty filter is used to beautify the face and look better in movies by improving the skin tone and making the face look slimmer. This option allows you to control the softness and lightness of the skin color, the narrowness of the face and the shape of the eyes.



Supreme Features


Existing features such as Supreme, colored hair and other dynamic stickers have been retained to create fantastic movies. Supreme is a creative option to combine photo editing with video making. Using this feature, you can quickly transfer a 2D image to a 3D movie. To meet the different needs of users, Supreme includes four series of effects (Love effect, Creative effect, Cool effect and Funny effect) with more than 80 exquisite and attractive effect options.

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