Introducing Line Apk Social Media

Introducing Line Apk Social Media - A Famous Japanese Social Media Apk Dl

LINE Apk is a very powerful Japanese messenger that allows you to communicate with others by exchanging text messages, photos, videos and music. The Line program was created in Japan in 2011 and within two years it became the largest messenger in Japan. Now this Line application has millions of users around the world. The Line program also provides its users with the possibility of making voice and video calls through Internet platforms (Voip).

In 2013, the app added a feature called Timeline, transforming it from a messenger to a social network. In this timeline, you can post, like or comment on other people’s posts. The new version of Line is one of the best and most popular communication messengers that allows you to make voice calls for free. Without having to pay a lot of money for communication, even a GPRS internet will do it for you.



Line Application Main Features

The Line app, like all other messengers, has the task of exchanging messages, but it also has other features that make this messenger the flagship of messengers. Here are some of the most important ones:



Delete Sent Messages

The Unsend feature is an important feature that is still missing from many messengers. That way, if you send a message and screw it up, you can delete it within the next 24 hours. Of course, you should do that before your audience sees the message.



Ability to Save Data

Recently, the Line program has introduced one of its new features called Keep, which you can use to save up to 1 gigabyte of information in your cloud space. With this feature, you can save your conversations with your friends and easily refer to them whenever you want. All content you save with Keep is private and no one else can see it. Of course, this new feature has a limitation; If the size of the saved file is more than 50 MB, Keep will only keep it for 30 days.



A Complete Social Network

In other messengers, you can send and receive messages and finally send a song to someone to get their attention. But the Line app is different from such messengers. The difference between Line is that Line apk is a ully-fledged social network. That means you can share whatever you want without having to send it to a specific person similar to Instagram or Facebook. Also, you are able to easily also like or comment on your friends’ posts using this app. Like Instagram, Line is a social network and has a private chat feature.



A Sticker Market

Another fun feature of the line is the presence of local stickers. In this way, if you download and install the line with an Iranian number, in addition to the stickers of your own line, you can also receive the stickers of your region. By downloading and installing Line, you get access to the thousands of stickers inside this program.



Playable in-App Games

Another feature of the line is games. NHE created Line Games in 2011. You can enjoy many games using the Line application. The games of this Japanese messenger are presented in different genres such as puzzle, simulation and many others and can be very entertaining. Many messengers today benefit from games, but Line was one of the first applications that showed interest in creating games within messaging and has been successful in this.



Beautiful Interface

When you use the line apk, you would really have fun playing around with it. This is one of the best benefits of this messenger. The ecosystem with green color has remained unchanged since the beginning. But the availability of everything on the first page is a very attractive theme that makes you never get confused when using Line.

Also, accessing different sections in this messenger is very simple. In the line, you can see five separate tabs, one related to the list of friends, another related to the list of conversations, one related to the timeline (which we will talk more about later), a part related to making free video and audio calls, and finally Part is related to other features (More).

In the More section, you can easily add your friends to your contact list, buy stickers, purchase available themes for Line, access official accounts, create chat groups, or take photos using the Line Camera application. and edit them.

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