MX Player Apk

MX Player


MX Player Apk is a concise and good player for utilizing video files. All video formats are supported by this player. Low battery and CPU consumption is one of the advantages of MX Player. Also, the ability to retrieve SRT files related to movie subtitles has made MX Player one of the most powerful players currently available. With this player you can select a part of the movie to play for you.


In the past, you may have needed devices like MP4 Player to watch movies. However, today, with the dramatic advancement of smartphones, you can easily watch videos on your phone.


All executable videos are decoded by this program using both SW and HW modes, and if you encounter any problems in executing some high-quality files, MX Player Apk is easily possible to change the decoding mode. In addition, you can mute the sound of the video file with one touch and just enjoy watching the movie. But the strength of this program is the wonderful support for subtitles in various formats. There are many options for customizing the subtitle display in the program and you can easily customize how the subtitle display is to your liking.

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