Octopus Apk

Octopus Apk is the name of a new and useful tool for users in the Android operating system. If you are also a fan of gaming experience on Android phones and tablets, sometimes you need to use a special game controller. Also, you might even need a computer keyboard and mouse to run the games. For example, playing football on a mobile phone is not an easy task.


Therefore, in order to benefit from all the facilities and skills of the players, you need to have different inputs. Since mobile phones or tablets are not designed exclusively for gaming, weaknesses can be seen in them while playing games. However, most Android devices support the ability to connect a controller (gamepad), mouse, and computer keyboard.


Octopus Apk software is a free and at the same time powerful tool that you can use to connect your computer mouse and keyboard to your mobile phone and enjoy the experience of your favorite games on your mobile phone.


This feature allows users to experience cool Android games right in a console atmosphere and access a full set of inputs. The Octopus app allows you to connect your Xbox or PlayStation console or mouse to your mobile phone, depending on your choice, and from now on play all games with a professional controller.

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