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Musical Game of Piano Tiles 2 Apk



Musical Game of Piano Tiles 2 Apk - Enjoy Playing Music with Your Android Device



Piano Tiles 2 apk is a sequel to the successful Piano Tiles game developed by Cheetah Technology Studio. This fascinating game is in the style of musical puzzles. Piano Tiles 2 is suitable for those interested in classical and folk music. The game includes all kinds of famous music. The fact that players can play music that they have listened to many times is beautiful.





In Piano Tiles 2 apk, players choose the music they want instead of steps. Then that music flows down in the form of black tiles in different columns and you have to increase your score by tapping on the black tiles and moving the music forward. Tapping on a space or losing black tiles will end the game, and your score will be calculated and rated as one out of three stars.



Difficulty Levels


Each musical stage has three-speed levels; after touching a certain number of tiles, the speed increases and the background color changes according to the rhythm. Finally, the score of three stars will show up by touching all the tiles. A bonus round will be performed, in which musical coins will flow instead of black tiles, and there will be no problem touching the space. After the Bonus round, an infinite round of the same music is played, in which you can get unlimited points (of course, the speed gradually increases and scoring is complicated).



Music Selection


The critical thing that makes the Piano Tiles 2 apk enjoyable is that you, being the musician of predefined music, try to get the right tiles at the right time and at the right time, not only not to lose, but also to complete the music and enjoy it. Touch the exact time interval. After you become more professional, this feeling becomes a feeling of music production. It leaves the competitive mode to stay vigorous.


For example, there are tiles in some music that you have to keep your hand on after tapping. These tiles are more extended notes and are played with a single tap. Still, the feeling that you like to complement the music being played in the best way makes you put your hand on such notes at the right time and release them at the right time.


Completing the three stars of each stage also gives you some music coins and experience points. You will also get three new songs to choose as the next step and continue the game. Upgrading to higher levels also gives you similar rewards. Also, note that you can take a screenshot of your progress in the game and share it with your friends via social media.


Game’s Currency


There are three different types of credits in Piano Tiles 2: one is diamonds, marked with a purple diamond icon, which is used to buy new music and retry a stage if you lose. The second credit is music coins designed with a white note icon in a gold coin. These coins are used to buy music and, of course, hearts.


As you probably guessed, the heart is the rule of your life in Piano Tiles 2 apk, and you need to consume a certain number of hearts each time you replay a stage or complete challenges. Of course, you can get more hearts after specific periods by watching promotional videos or spending music coins.



Music tab


By going to the Music tab, you can select the music you have received and play them. Getting new music through diamond payments and other methods, such as sharing records.



Hall of Fame


This hall is located in the Hall tab and by going there, you can see the record of the fastest taps you have ever made and compare your rank with other users worldwide. These records in Piano Tiles 2 apk are measured based on the number of tiles touched per second, and you can compete with others and challenge yourself in three levels: Beginner, Skilled, and Master. However, note that you must spend some of the available hearts to participate in each challenge.

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