PowerDirector Video Editor Apk

CyberLink PowerDirector Video Editor Apk


CyberLink PowerDirector Video Editor Apk for Editing Images and Videos Directly on Android and PC


PowerDirector Video Editor Apk is one of the best applications for video editing. Since editing is an inseparable and essential part of creating video content, having an application with an easy user interface and far from complexity will be beneficial.

PowerDirector is the ideal video editor that everyone needs on their mobiles; Simple and user-friendly environment, creative effects, professional timeline and full HD outputs are essential features of this image editor application.



User InterFace


The PowerDirector Video Editor Apk user interface only supports landscape orientation. Portrait mode is not supported. Because you have greater room to edit films in horizontal mode and can more precisely focus on objects and minute adjustments, this function has a considerable benefit. Of course, the primary motivation behind the horizontal UI is Cyberlink’s preference for PowerDirector on tablets over smartphones.

When you start using PowerDirector Timeline, you’ll realize that using a touchscreen for video editing can be just as enjoyable and comfortable as using a mouse and keyboard on a desktop. Every item you add to the timeline can be independently edited. Consider using a special effect to enter and exit the clip frame, or even place a different photo or clip in the corner of the frame as a new layer.


Features of Power Director software


PowerDirector Video Editor Apk has many positive points. One of the things that will attract anyone’s attention about the video is the special effects and filters you put on it. These filters and effects remove your image from monotony and force the viewer to sit at the end. This software also allows you to add filters only to the parts you want and you don’t have to apply them to your entire video.



Video Quality


Quality is another important point when making a video or a clip. If your clip does not have the required quality, users will easily skip it. This app lets you output your video in different qualities from 144p to 4K.





One of the good features of this application is filters and effects for videos. The exciting and remarkable thing is that you can add this filter and effects in any part of the video you want and use the timer to specify in which part of the video it should appear. Another feature of the PowerDirector: Video Editor application is Slow motion and Fast.

For example, if you need, you can speed up or slow down the video playback speed. You can also increase the quality of your video to a great extent. As you know, the quality of your video plays an important role in attracting the audience. Fortunately, there are enough tools to make the necessary changes in this application.

Having the right to choose among various options and tools, you can produce and execute your video in the best possible way without any restrictions to your taste. Another good feature of the PowerDirector Video Editor Apk is adding text to the video.


Adding Text to Images


This feature has many uses. You can annotate the text on your video to prepare educational video or birthday greetings. The power Director has provided this possibility for you. The number of fonts and writing styles is also extremely diverse so that it can meet your various occasions.
Another challenge you may have to deal with is blurred and incredible images. If you have blurry videos on your phone, you can easily smooth them using the Repair function of this program.




It’s time to discuss the PowerDirector Video Editor Apk’s shortcomings and drawbacks after going through its advantages and strong aspects. (Program congestion / Relatively large program volume) Similar to many other video editing programs. The Power Director program has a few minor flaws.


The application is both impressive and complicated due to the abundance of video editing choices. However, there is no problem because the program includes several instructional films that show you how to utilize it. By using these videos, you can find a solution to this issue.

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