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Reddit apk is a platform that mixes social news, web content, forums and a social network altogether. Members of this platform can publish content such as text, photos, videos and links on the site. Other members vote all published content. This meritocracy system ensures that exciting and high-quality content rises to the top and bad content falls to the bottom.



What is a Subreddit?


Reddit is a bit like a forum. A subreddit is a micro-community on Reddit that is based on a specific topic. There is a subreddit for all subjects. Your posts can be on topics like, but not limited to, crafts, travel, business, fitness, and cooking. Anything you can think of, there will be a subreddit about it.


These special forums each have their own rules, regulations, subscribers and posts. The Subreddit Rules are available in the right sidebar of the program. At the top of each subreddit feed, you can use the drop-down menu to sort posts using the following options:


Hot: Posts that are currently popular

New: Posts that have been recently shared

Controversial: Posts that receive relatively equal amounts of upvotes and downvotes

Top: The most popular posts in a subreddit.

Rising: Posts that are currently receiving a large number of approvers


Moreover, niche communities, content voting, and the ability to filter posts are essential to using Reddit apk. These features allow interesting posts to gain massive exposure quickly. Although it seems unlikely, you can create your own subreddit if a subreddit does not exist for a topic.



Reddit as a Social Media Platform


In most social media platforms, users have personal profiles and fields, and they mainly use that medium to grow their relationships with other people. Reddit doesn’t fit that description. Instead, Reddit apk is more like a forum where content is aggregated and those who use it are usually anonymous.


Reddit is a social network that is different from other social networks. The main difference between Reddit and other social networks is the value of its forums. Reddit cares about its contribution to the community and people’s experience. Its purpose is to create value as part of the community that exists in a subdivision. As a result, unlike many social media systems, Reddit is small in terms of user-generated content.



The Structure of Voting on Reddit


Users in Reddit apk give positive votes (Upvotes) to the content they like and valuable content, and they also give negative votes (Downvotes) to the content they don’t like. These votes significantly impact the classification of content and materials and increase or decrease the probability of being seen by other users.


Reddit’s policy and content voting method makes more engaging and high-quality content more visible and even if it receives enough votes, it will be placed on the first page of the website. Of course, users can also reward others with rewards in the form of tokens, called Reddit Coins, to highlight their favorite posts and help them be seen better.



What Does Karma Do on Reddit?


Due to anonymity, Reddit uses “Karma” to ensure users’ credibility. Each user’s profile shows the number of Karma points they have accumulated. As the karma increases, so does the influence your content on Reddit. The more karma you have, the more seriously other users will follow you. There are two types of karma that generally appear on anyone’s feed or posts, such as:

Post Karma is earned by voting on posts you share in subreddits.

Comment Karma is earned by voting on your comments on posts.



Getting Banned on Reddit


If you face negative reactions from other users, especially the administrator of that subreddit, or if you don’t follow the rules, the administrator of that subreddit can ban you. In such cases, you will not be prohibited from reading the posts and comments of other users and you can still use the content of the main page.


If the administrator of the subreddit bans you, you will be banned from joining various topics and there is no way back; Of course, you can contact the administrator who banned you and ask him to remove you from the list of banned people. However, some moderators are stricter than others, and Reddit apk has not specified any specific rules for this, and the decision is up to the subreddit moderators.

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