File Transfer with SHAREit Apk


File Transfer with SHAREit Apk - Android File Exchange Application


SHAREit Apk transfer app is actually a program that you can send and receive your files in the fastest possible time. Transfer and receive your files to your android phone or tablet with the highest possible speed by this app. You can send your files and applications in Android using this application. One of the interesting features of this android app is the ability to select avatars and personal photos that will undoubtedly attract you along with the stylish and beautiful interface of the program.


The program is very simple and you can easily transfer your files from phone to phone or even from PC to mobile. Also, this program allows you to transfer your files with incredible speed.


SHAREit Apk beautiful user interface is one of its superior features. Another feature of this application is that it displays all the applications that you have on your mobile or tablet on your page. therefore, you do not need to refer to the file manager to transfer the file. Hence, you can easily transfer them with Bluetooth. The ability to identify and find devices around you is done using Bluetooth and you can save them more rapidly.



Main Features of Shareit


By using this great application, you can transfer all kinds of files in PDF, video, photo, text, software, etc. formats, regardless of their size, between your electronic devices at high speed and only by connecting to a common Wi-Fi network.


Of course, the only use of downloading the SHAREit app for Android is not file transfer. By connecting your phone to the computer and creating the necessary access, you can view the files in your phone completely or even back them up completely on your system.


One other thing that SHAREit apk can do for you and make your work very simple; When buying a new android phone, download and install the SHAREit program on your new phone and establishing a connection between both phones, you can transfer all your information including contact numbers, photos, messages and applications from your old phone to your new phone without any issue.



Benefits of SHAREit Application


There are number of benefits for those who want to send files across platforms or receiving them with ease. Here are some of them:

  • Sending files with exceptional speed
  • Send multiple files or folders at once
  • Offline file transfer without internet
  • Transfer any type of data, in any format and at high speed
  • Transfer of phone book and text messages
  • Support for all Android devices, laptops, tablets, computers and iPhones
  • Support for 45 living languages in the world
  • Data transfer, without volume limit with batch selection
    “Group Sharing” feature, by creating a group and transferring one or more files to group members
  • Play music and video both online and offline

How to Use SHAREit


To transfer files by SHAREit, it is necessary to have the following software and hardware characteristics of sharing devices. One key feature is that you can do the transfer regardless of the operating system across different devices.

  • Installing SHAREit apk on both transmitter and receiver devices
  • When transferring files by this application, both devices must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or a hotspot access point due to the need for a password.
  • All smartphones, including iPhone, iPad and Android, have all the necessary features to install SHAREit.



User Privacy and Security


The first problem with this popular software is certainly its security aspect. It transmits any type of data, including a virus file. SHAREit apk is not equipped with an antivirus to identify the virus file before transferring the file. Therefore, the security of data transmission is the responsibility of the user. There is no tool to scan for viruses when receiving files from the primary android phone.

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