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Telegram apk is now considered one of the most popular applications or messaging programs available, which provides users many features and free use of all its services. Telegram has several features that distinguish it from other messaging applications. For example, Telegram uses an end-to-end encryption system and does not allow others to access users’ privacy.



Main Features of Telegram


Telegram apk offers a lot of different features and capabilities to users. This allowed this program to become very popular with Android Users. One of the main features of Telegram is its security and accessibility. In fact, Telegram benefits from an end-to-end encryption system and as a result protects users’ privacy.



Making a Group


Groups are usually used for family and friend gatherings and you can add up to 200 people. Sharing files, images, videos and gifs in these groups is also possible.



Creating a Telegram Channel


You can use the channel feature if you have public content to display. Channels can accept an unlimited number of users and are considered a new tool with which you can deliver your messages to millions of audiences.



Starting a Secret Conversation


The secret chat was also finally added to this messenger during several Telegram updates. The private conversation uses two-way encryption or end-to-end encryption, and according to Telegram leaders, no information from secret conversations is stored on the Telegram server.



Forwarding Messages to Others


Forwarding messages is one of the most essential features of Telegram. To do this, just long touch on the desired message and then tap on the icon shown in the image below. You can also tap the text once instead of long-touching it to bring up several options. Now all you have to do is select the Forward option.



Sharing Various Media Formats


One of the crucial features of Telegram apk is sending multimedia files. Telegram claims that it is able to upload these files to its servers at a much faster speed than other messengers. After that, you can send pictures, videos, contacts, music and even your location in a conversation by selecting the icon of one of the sections.


Telegram generally compresses large files to facilitate sending multimedia files and to avoid wasting other users’ internet. In order to prevent the compression of your images and videos, you must send them as files.



Adding Stickers in Telegram


Telegram has provided two ways for users to add stickers. The easiest way is to see a new sticker in your chats, touch it and then select the Add option.



Offline Status


Suppose you’re the type of person who could be happier about showing other people your last online time. In that case, you can get rid of this problem and set your last online time to Nobody.



Placing a Password on Telegram


You don’t need to use other applications to set a password on Telegram apk, and you can achieve such a feature by referring to the settings of this messenger. To use this feature, you must refer to the Telegram settings and enter the Privacy and Security menu from there. On the opened page, look for the PassCode option and by entering this section, activate it and provide your password.



Translation of Messages


The possibility of internal translation is one of the relatively new features of Telegram apk, which is considered a valuable and practical tool for using the content of groups and channels. To activate the mentioned feature, you must first activate the Translate button option by visiting the settings section and entering the Language menu, so that you have a special key to translate each message.



Generating QR Codes


You can create a QR code for yourself and all users who have a public username. It is also possible to use this feature for channels, groups and bots, making it possible to share them more easily outside of Telegram.

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