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Introducing WhatsApp Business Apk


WhatsApp Business Apk for Work- Download Business WhatsApp for Managing your Business for Android


WhatsApp Business Apk helps companies communicate more efficiently with their employees and customers. The program has two modes, one for small companies and the other for large companies. They include banks, airlines and large online stores with many customers.


When business owners want to create a business profile for themselves and their company in this messenger, a page will appear in which they must enter the details. Job description, company website and address are filled so that users can get the primary information. As a result, users have more information to deal with the company.


WhatsApp Business Apk is similar to the main application, except that it provides features for creating business profiles. Businesses can add important information such as email, store address, or websites to their profile to make connecting with users easier.



Benefits of WhatsApp Business


With WhatsApp Business, you can create an entirely professional profile for your business, which can include your logo or banner image, business hours, website address information, contact number, email, and descriptions for your business. When people see your business profile, they will trust you more because they feel they are dealing with a professional team and group, not a person and a personal account.


Categorizing Customers and Conversations


In WhatsApp Business apk, there is a function called label, by which you can divide your contacts into desired groups and define a specific label or tag with a desired color for each one. For instance, you can specify an old label for your old customers and a new label for new customers. And also, categorize your customers’ orders and requests with the help of these tags.



Automatic Reply to Messages


Another attractive and outstanding feature of WhatsApp Business apk is the automatic reply system, which is available in three different types.


Greeting message: As its name suggests, this message is sent to your customers or contacts when they start a conversation with you, and it is an initial and special greeting from you or your business to the audience.


Preparing messages: These messages are such that you can write the answers to your contacts’ common questions in predefined formats and access them by typing “/.”


Schedule message: You can also define a ready message for when you can’t access your phone. You can send it to the contact who sent you a message and guide the recipient automatically with this feature.



Defining a Product Catalog


With the help of WhatsApp Business download, you can define our products and services and specify photos, descriptions and prices for each one, providing an overview of our store to WhatsApp contacts.



Creating Profile Short Link


Another interesting feature of WhatsApp Business apk is that you can create a short link from your profile and share it with the public. This feature is desirable and can be used to attract an audience. This Short Links option is very suitable for sharing your profile with someone.



Statistics and Data


In other social apps, there is a tool called insights. Similarly, there is a section in the WhatsApp Business apk called statistics. With the help of this section, you can get all the interactions done with your account. These data include all the received messages, the entire sent messages and even read messages. They can be obtained simultaneously and the activity status and interactions with the account can be analyzed and checked.



WhatsApp Business Account Notification


When you have a WhatsApp Business account, when you’re chatting with your contacts, they will receive a notification at the top of your chat screen saying that you’re using WhatsApp Business by clicking on that notification. These notifications are part of your account information and categorize your services and products, which is an excellent way of marketing to a broader audience.

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