YouTube Go Apk

YouTube Go Apk for Low Data Usage


Google's YouTube Go Apk - A YouTube Alternative for Low Data Usage


YouTube Go apk is the new YouTube app for offline video viewing and sharing, YouTube Go is expected to have many features that many YouTube users have always dreamed of. YouTube is sure to revolutionize the way users interact with the YouTube platform in general with its release.


The use of this application in countries like India, where internet connectivity is slow in most parts. This is because these populations are more of heavy users and they interact with their phones, when it comes to YouTube, for watching movies and listening to music.



Why YouTube Go is Available?


With YouTube Go apk, users can save videos for offline viewing and even adjust the quality and size of the downloaded file to save data consumption. It is also possible to share videos locally so that app users can do this without consuming data. This is not solely because many people are suffering from internet shortage but also when people watch many videos the data they use keep adding up and causes the monthly quotas to run out.



Features of YouTube Go


The main theme of YouTube Go apk is similar to that of the main application as in the search and playing is similar. There are, however, a few key differences that make this app special. The main of is that this app is very light weight and thus takes very limited resources from your Android device. Most of these features are device specific as well as Android version but overall on majority of devices you can use them if the Android device is not very old.



Find and Watch Favorite Movies


You can find and watch your favorite movies from the Home tab. These movies are categorized by the genre and sometimes even the entire movie is available for free. In fact, some studios publish their movies after the screening in cinema has ended on YouTube to garner more views through this platform. You can just type the name of the movie that you are looking for and see if the movie is available for free or rent.


Preview Videos Before Watching or Saving Them


You can preview the movie before watching it on YouTube Go apk. Also, you can choose the video quality to save data. If you are connected to a slow internet connection or have a limited data package, you can save or watch low quality video. These previews are very short and their purpose is to just give the user a small over view of the movie. This makes you avoid watching undesirable movies and reducing data use. This is particularly important for longer movies as they use even more data and space on devices.



Watch Offline Videos on YouTube


You can see all the saved videos under the SAVED tab. These videos don’t need internet because they are saved previously and you can watch them offline. Just make sure that you have adequate space so that the file can be saved on your device and it does not fail mid download and thus wasting more data.



Send and Receive Saved videos


You can send and receive saved videos through your friends nearby without an active internet connection. The YouTube Go apk offers this features for those that want to introduce movies to new friends and family members. This feature is a bit different because both devices need to be connected to the internet and have sufficient space for sending and receiving the files. Also, make sure that there is no actual copyright law regarding sharing some of the movies on this platform.

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