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YouTube Kids Apk -  YouTube Kids Download for Android Users


YouTube Kids apk is a safe video content platform for children. Like YouTube, this network is accessible on almost any mobile phone, laptop, or tablet device.


Since this network is specifically designed for children, only content related to their age group can be viewed. In addition, some exciting management and control features for parents make YouTube Kids an ideal platform for children.



How YouTube Kids Works


YouTube Kids is basically a funny and interesting network for children. Therefore it is designed to make it easy for children to work with it.
In addition, connecting to this network and entering it will be very convenient for parents and can be done with a few simple steps.
YouTube Kids will be accessible through YouTube itself. To access it, you must log in to your YouTube account and find and select the YouTube Kids option in the More From YouTube section.

To join YouTube Kids apk, you need to put in the date of birth of the father or mother in the first step so that an adult user is recognized as the responsible person. After that, a short video is shown to the user and the method of connecting to the account is explained.



Content Shown


Generally, three different age groups can be defined in YouTube Kids. These groups are four years and below, 5 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years.
Each age group will have access to specific content. For example, kindergarteners will have access to different categories of videos such as Shows, Explore, and Music; While older children will have access to additional categories such as games.


Also, additional options are available to parents so that they can monitor all the content viewed by their children. Using these options, parents can monitor all the channels, videos and series their children watch and even deny permission to watch them.

YouTube Kids apk provides a wide range of video content for children. The category of shows includes different seasons and episodes of well-known series of virtual networks such as Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, While the music category includes a collection of music suitable for children’s ages.

On the other hand, the Education category focuses on providing educational video content from well-known channels such as Blippi or Sesame Street. Also, the Explore section exposes the user to a collection of random content suitable for children from some related media.

In addition to the categories mentioned above, there is another category called Recommended, which displays new videos for the user based on the content the user watches. Meanwhile, the gaming category, as mentioned, is for children between 9 and 12 years old.





The most important difference between YouTube Kids apk and regular YouTube is the restrictions on the service for children, which allows parents to monitor the content their children watch fully. In addition, removing inappropriate content for children is another benefit of this service.



Content Search Box


One of the most critical customizable features of YouTube Kids apk is the ability for children to search for content that is granted to them by their parents. If parents allow their child to explore, he can search for the content he wants using the search bar. Meanwhile, the lack of access to search means that your child will only have access to the already available content. Parents can turn this feature on or off at any time.


Timer Settings

Along with giving access to the search section, setting a time limit for children to access YouTube Kids videos is another interesting feature that will undoubtedly please parents.

Of course, the lock icon in question is not only for setting the timer; It also includes some control features for parents. This icon lets you view and change the settings related to each user defined in the system. Also, the possibility of setting a secret password for a profile or limiting the content children can watch are other things that will be available to you in this section.



Content Filtering


Another interesting feature of YouTube Kids apk is the ability to filter content or a specific channel at parents’ discretion. Of course, the age limit imposed for each group does this to some extent. Still, this feature provides parents with a more tasteful content management experience.
For example, suppose parents don’t want their children to have access to specific videos. In that case, they can stop them by defining limits. To do this, click the three dots button next to the channel name and select Block.

Also, if parents determine that the content displayed on one of the YouTube Kids channels is inappropriate for children, they can report it. Please note that the YouTube Kids service does not show video-related comments.

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