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YouTube Music Service app for Android Users - YouTube Music Apk DL


YouTube Music Apk is full of music that reaches millions of visitors daily. By analyzing the videos watched by users and their searches in the company’s search engine, Google can fully understand the interests and tastes of users’ music and suggest the music they like.


In this app, Google has compiled this playlist based on conjectures that interest you. Therefore, the more you use this service, the more and better Google will know you and offer more accurate suggestions.



Features of YouTube Music Apk


On the home page of the YouTube Music service, you have access to 3 main sections: Home, Library, and Explore. On the home page, you will be shown the suggested content. In the discovery section, you can find trending songs, live performances, and lesser-known songs by famous musicians. The library section also includes the songs you’ve liked, your favorite albums, the history of the songs you’ve listened to, and the playlists you’ve created.



Music Suggestions Just for You


One of the most important features of YouTube Music apk is the amount of data that Google has collected from the activities of its users. Thanks to this data, YouTube Music provides exclusive and unique content to each user. For example, if you are at the airport, the YouTube music song will be a relaxing track, and if you are at the club, exciting music suitable for exercise will be played.



User-Friendly Interface


Undoubtedly, you will not need YouTube music training because there is a simple user interface in this section that you can easily access the relevant sections; although there are many video tutorials on YouTube itself, which by viewing them, you can get good information from the Get this section.



Search Songs from Their Lyrics


Another feature of YouTube Music is the ability to search for songs based on their text. In this service, the text is not displayed at the same time as the song is played, but you can type a short part of the song you want in the search section so that the song will be shown to you in the search results. Also, another prominent feature that exists in most music streaming services these days is the suggestion of new songs, albums, and singers based on your activity history, which is available in the YouTube Music app.



Great Sound Quality


In terms of sound quality, YouTube Music apk performs well. The bitrate of YouTube Music application songs is 256kbps, and this rate is the same for streaming content on the web as in applications. Of course, this is only for YouTube Music Premium, and if you use the free version, the bitrate will be 128kbps.


Also, if the quality of your internet is poor, the quality of the song will be reduced later; Otherwise, you can completely immerse yourself in the world of YouTube music with high-quality headphones. Unfortunately, YouTube Music does not support Hi-Res Audio, and if you want to listen to the sound with the best possible quality, you should go to other services such as Amazon Music or Tidal.



A Service with No Ads


YouTube Music doesn’t force you to buy a premium subscription. You can use this service free of charge. In fact, YouTube Music is a simple and hassle-free way to listen to music. Unfortunately, though, YouTube Music’s free subscription throws a lot of ads between your tracks.


By upgrading to a premium subscription, you can access all songs and videos without any ads. Another feature of a YouTube Music premium subscription is the possibility of using PiP. This feature allows you to exit YouTube Music while the video is playing and access other parts of your mobile phone.

YouTube Music Library


Although YouTube Music’s collection of songs is less than Spotify’s, you can still listen to a wide variety of music through this service. YouTube Music features a wide variety of works, from live performances and personal mixes to covers, remixes, and the latest music videos.


The Explore page on YouTube Music apk is where you can see three main categories with the titles of New Releases, Charts, and Moods & Genres. In addition to these three categories, you can access the best songs in categories such as Trending, Top Songs, New Albums, and Singles by scrolling down.


YouTube Music contains songs for every user with every taste so that fans of styles such as indie rock, heavy metal, rap, and K-pop can easily find their favorite works.



Moods and Moments Features


Moods and Moments is not a unique feature in YouTube Music apk, and a similar example can be seen in services like Spotify. However, this feature of YouTube Music offers a pleasant experience. It allows you to let the artificial intelligence choose the music and learn from you.


The Moods section offers songs selected based on your mood. For example, the Feel Good category contains music that helps you feel happy and confident.

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