Truth Social Android – An Alternative to Twitter

Truth Social Android – An Alternative to Twitter

Getting Unfiltered News by Downloading Truth Social Android

Truth Social Android is the app made by T Media Tech LLC to compete with the existing Twitter application. By using Truth Social Android, everyone will hear your voice for truly what it is without any types of censorship. For those who are interested they can easily register and join the conversation in most free way possible. Also, users can share your unique opinion by posting truth, new truth, photo, news or video link to connect with friends as well as other users. The point of using Truth Social is to stay up to date with the latest news while staying in direct contact with the people who preach truth.

Moreover, Truth Social Android will get constant updates in order to keep up with security threats and add functional and user-friendly functionalities to the previous version. Users are free to post what they think about new or recurring issues without the fear of being removed from the platform. This makes this app one of a kind and a true contender to the kinds of Twitter.


Main Features Like Live Truth Feed

Truth Social Main Features - Includes Video And Search Features

Some of the main features of Truth Social Android are as follows:

User’s Profile: Express your unique personality by setting your profile, avatar and background. You can track your personal connections based on the number of followers you receive. Also, the re is an option to view the history of your posts and likes.

Live Truth Feed: Get the latest thoughts and activities from your favorite people, organizations and media. The truth feed contains posts from everyone you follow that come to life with thumbnails, links, and more.

Search Option: Truth Social is really interesting with your interactions with others. Search for the voice that interests you and easily follow them directly from the search list or view their profile first before making a decision.

Notifications: Stay engaged as you build new followers. This is who follows you and who interacts with the truth.

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