Mozilla Firefox 84.1.1

File Size: 63.5 MB - Version: 84.1.1
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
Mozilla Firefox 84.1.1
Mozilla Firefox 84.1.1

Mozilla Firefox 84.1.1 – Mozilla Firefox APK is one of the best web browsers available for all types of operating systems and computers, giving you the experience of a different and unique web browser. Moreover, Firefox displays blog pages and websites in the most beautiful and fastest possible way. Also, this browser has a simple and dynamic interface and gives you all the expectations you need from a browser.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur user, undoubtedly you are looking for the best where there are hundreds of different browsers for Android. Firefox is the best web browser in the world because it offers all the functionality in a simple and great environment and has a powerful engine for beautifully loading sites.



– Accidentally close a tab? You can now reopen your recently closed tabs in your tab tray menu or History panel.
– Automatically purge cookies from sites you haven’t directly visited in 30 days
– Newly supported add-ons: Video Background Play Fix and Google Search Fixer
– Added a new locale: Tajik!
– Better support for opening links in Firefox from third-party apps


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