Fire Emblem Heroes 4.5.0

File Size: 62.5 MB - Version: 4.5.0
Requirement: Android 4.2 and up
Fire Emblem Heroes 4.5.0
Fire Emblem Heroes 4.5.0

Fire Emblem Heroes 4.5.0 – Fire Emblem Heroes APK is a simulated arcade style Android game developed by Nintendo Co, Ltd for Android device users. The kingdom is being destroyed In the meantime you must be able to gather an army of heroes and fight to save the kingdom. You can connect with the legendary heroes of the Fire World and summon them to unite with you. Some heroes may be united with you, but others will go to the enemy and if you can defeat the enemies, then they come to you.

You must be able to be aware of the disadvantages and disadvantages of the weapons you choose to use them properly. You must be able to lead your army against enemy forces and use battle maps and techniques to win. Each of the heroes has unique powers. You can meet and unite with the Fire Heroes. The game has more than 800 challenging and exciting stages. Fight the heroes that oppose you and defeat them to join your army. You must increase your heroes to win this battle and save the kingdom.



– Players can now exchange R&R Affinity for certain accessories in the Accessory Shop.
– New weapon skills for Narcian, Gwendolyn, and Leon have been added.
– Additional Limited-Time Combat Manuals are available to be compiled using Divine Codes.


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